About Us

Who we are?

We the BIG Marathoners, are a bunch of sports enthusiast from different walks of life with one common goal…FITNESS. Driving our passion to extend the reach and experience in the days to come for sports and non-sports people by way of creating a platform, wherein one not only experiences the event but also becomes a part of the BIG family.

Our Team

The teams behind this endeavour are common faces, which are one among you. The only difference is we have decided to cross over the fence and take up the responsibility to push you hard to get fit and that’s we been very selfish about. Our constant effort is to get the happiness in you through fitness under the BIG umbrella. By way of experience put together, the team members have been regular participants in various runs be it forest, beach, tar, mountain, relay races, duathlons and triathlons in different cities. Some are also Guinness World Record Holder for most number of people running up a single mountain at Satara Hill Ultra Half Marathon.

R.K. Saboo - Deputy MD, First Flight Courier & Partner, Gold’s Gym Franchisees

He has taken up running when most people have given up and embraced old age. He is the person who is reversing his age day by day. With 25 half Marathon in India and abroad, Guinness book world record holder for Satara hill Marathon, Duathalon, Triathlon, Hill run, Beach run and many more to his credit. Mr Saboo is not only a runner, but a motivator, companion and a man of words and a staunch believer that running is a meditation which detoxifies both mind and body from the negatives.
He remains an idol to most of the people who have been motivated to take up running. What more to live a life king size with a blend of been a successful professional, sportsman, family person and a Motivator for people who know him.

Vaibhav Bhandari - Works a Renowned Listed company & an Active Social Worker

With over 10 half Marathon's, hill runs, Guinness book record holder for Satara hill run, duathalons and many other outdoor sports engagement to his credit, besides also been a social worker for past 15 years which states his restlessness to give back to the society in abundance. He is the youngest of the lot but an extraordinary person buzzing with high energy when it comes to deliverables, time bound commitment, ideation, brain storming, delegation and a well balanced family man.
One thing that drives him to be extreme satisfaction and sense of fulfillment and joy is only when he sees himself contributing to needy irrespective of geographical boundaries. Taking up social work at a very young age is contradictory to the current mindset of the youths...but yes you need to be extraordinary to do such philanthropy services.

Sanjay Mishra - Director, Kyrios Medicare India Pv.t. Ltd. & Partner, Shaala

A seasoned business man by profession and a sportsman by heart. Self trained and motivator in varied sports like running, cycling, hiking, trekking, martial art. He firmly believes in living for the moment, each moment to the fullest. He gets his kick from finding solutions and opportunity where others give up.
Has a high risk appetite and goes by the rule , unless you are not pushed to the extreme you will never perform. An extrovert who would gel with anyone and within no time will be friend and thus enjoys good company.

Priti Bhandari - Now Entrepreneur, then Investment Banker

Like the most entrepreneurs, she wanted to build something on her own and decided to leverage her vast experience of investment banking and family in-depth knowledge in textile by floating a company of garment manufacturing.
Coming with a varied and diverse enriching experience, Priti has a natural flair of been successful in whatsoever field she takes up. With an extrovert, open-minded and easily approachable attitude she has well networked engagements and associations among the corporate world.
For Priti, her reasons for running are “less visible to the eye” because they’re beneath the surface of thoughts. To keep herself fit and nourish her mind, she also does Yoga and Zumba regularly.

Ravi Bhandari - Managing Director, New Era Fashion Pvt. Ltd.

Having successfully setting a strong footprint in the business of textiles at a very young age he is keen on scaling the canvas of his products n services across the geographical boundaries.
Besides been an entrepreneur Ravi firmly believes in the ideology that a healthy mind n body is the foremost step towards both professional and personal well being. From no where to successfully completing many half marathon, stadium run, mountaineering, hiking, cycling and many more events to go forward, this man believes in raising the bar and testing his unstoppable limitlessness time and again. Not forgetting to mention that he has braved the odds of been breathless at times only to see himself at the finishing line.

Sanjay Daga - Entrepreneur

A successful entrepreneur and a sportsman, a person who is in his 2nd innings by beating all the odds of hypertension and kicking old unwanted habits all this magic happening only through his never give up attitude towards sports.
For him running, swimming, cycling, yoga, meditation are inseparable like the daily ritual one performs. Not to forget his spontaneous one liner that keeps the team buzzing with riot of laughter.